Naomi Zewde is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy at the City University of New York and holds an appointment as a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. Zewde’s research centers on inequalities in wealth and insurance and examines the ability of public policies to reduce these inequalities. Her work has been published in academic outlets including the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Health Affairs, and The Review of Black Political Economy, and featured in popular press outlets including the New York Times, Ms Magazine, and PBS Newshour.

March 23, 2022


A New Public Housing Model

Addis Ababa's Urban Transformation

In 2006, the government of Ethiopia embarked on a mission to construct half a million condominium apartments over a twenty-year period in its capital of Addis Ababa—a city of only five million. Now, sixteen years later, the initiative has transformed the…