Thanos Liapas is a final year doctoral researcher at the European University Viadrina in Germany. His thesis is about the political economy of the negotiations between the Greek left-wing government of Syriza and the "Troika" (ECB, European Commission and IMF) in 2015. His research interests include international political economy, critical European studies and the study of the European lobby organizations.

December 23, 2021


Stop, wait, go

Is Germany's new coalition government a return to the status quo?

The new coalition government in Germany, led by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, is the first time that the SDP, the Greens, and the Liberals have joined together in a single government. The cooperation agreement, published on November 24, was the…

November 4, 2021



The Federation of German Industries’ agenda in the formation of the new German federal government

The new German government will be called upon, at a highly critical time for the global and European economy, to draw up a new economic and political strategy not only for Germany but also for the EU/Eurozone. The outcome will…