November 9, 2020


Global Power in the North-Atlantic Financial System

In November 2020, JFI and Phenomenal World hosted a panel moderated by Adam Tooze and featuring:

  • Yakov Feygin
  • Daniela Gabor
  • Dominik Leusder
  • Carla Norrlof
  • Elham Saeidinezhad
  • Waltraud Schelkle
  • Herman Mark Schwartz

View a recording of the event here.

Below is a rough reading list assembled by the panelists in the August 13, 2020 discussion on “Geoeconomics and the Balance of Payments.”

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Michael Pettis and Matthew Klein's new book "Trade Wars Are Class Wars" begins with an epigraph from John A. Hobson: "The struggle for markets, the greater eagerness of producers to…

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