November 21, 2022


The Meddlers

In November 2022, Phenomenal World hosted a panel discussion on Jamie Martin’s new book The Meddlers. The text examines the origins of global economic governance following the First World War, looking at institutions such as the League of Nations and Bank for International Settlement.

The event featured Aaron Benanav, Adom Getachew, and Jamie Martin, and was moderated by Phenomenal World contributing editor Tim Barker. A recording can be viewed here.

Standard development economics anticipates that the composition of a country’s labor force will go hand in hand with the composition of output, reflected in the division between the primary, secondary,…

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Biden’s announcement this week to sharply raise tariffs on Chinese imports is an escalation in the yearslong tariff war on China. The new tariffs specifically target green goods, most notably…

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Contemporary debates around the governance of the global economy often center on the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), arguably the most powerful international organization that—among other responsibilities—provides loans…

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