November 21, 2022


The Meddlers

In November 2022, Phenomenal World hosted a panel discussion on Jamie Martin’s new book The Meddlers. The text examines the origins of global economic governance following the First World War, looking at institutions such as the League of Nations and Bank for International Settlement.

The event featured Aaron Benanav, Adom Getachew, and Jamie Martin, and was moderated by Phenomenal World contributing editor Tim Barker. A recording can be viewed here.

Debt, diplomacy, and the risks of a new Cold War.

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The climate crisis offers a new angle from which to evaluate US dollar hegemony, since carbon emissions are tied to economic activity.

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There has been little research into the inflationary implications of either climate change itself, or of responses to climate change. The majority of work on central banking and climate change is concerned with…

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