Daniela Gabor is Professor of Economics and Macro-Finance at UWE Bristol. Her research develops three related themes under the umbrella of critical macro-finance. She investigates shadow banking activities and their implications for monetary theory, sovereign bond markets, and regulatory activity. Her research also develops the theme of transnational banks' involvement in policy around capital controls and crisis management, as well as IMF conditionality. Her two research projects are Managing Shadow Money ‚Äč(funded by INET) and the Capital Markets Union (funded by FEPS).

November 18, 2021


The Wall Street Consensus at COP26

Finance Day at COP26 shows a ruthless dedication to voluntary decarbonization

Wednesday, November 3, was private finance day at COP26. For those who follow central banks closely, the event was a chance to gauge whether their recent turn to climate-conscious policy making would translate into ambitious decarbonization announcements. After all, private…

June 18, 2021


Investment and Decarbonization

A conversation on investment strategies for the green transition

In late March, the Biden administration announced the $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, with approximately half of the sum dedicated to fighting the climate crisis. While the legislation would mark a sea change in federal action to avert climate catastrophe,…