April 10, 2024


Profit and Power

On April 23, 2024, join us for a discussion on profits, prices, and the green energy transition, on the occasion of Brett Christophers’s new book The Price Is Wrong, featuring:

  • BRETT CHRISTOPHERS, professor at Uppsala University and author of The Price Is Wrong and Our Lives In Their Portfolios.
  • MELANIE BRUSSELER, senior researcher at Common Wealth
  • KYLE CHAN, postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University
  • Moderated by ROBINSON MEYER, founder and executive editor of Heatmap

Register here.

Biden’s announcement this week to sharply raise tariffs on Chinese imports is an escalation in the yearslong tariff war on China. The new tariffs specifically target green goods, most notably…

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In 2019, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that deregulated new hospital construction and unleashed a “hospital-building boom.” Some 65 new hospitals were planned in the three…

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Agriculture directly accounts for 10 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions, which do not include onsite fossil-fuel use, come from soil and manure management and the digestive processes…

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