Patrick Robbins is a climate and energy organizer who currently serves as the Coordinator of the New York Energy Democracy Alliance a statewide alliance of 27 grassroots organizations who are working toward an energy system that is renewable, equitable, accountable and local. He is also currently helping the Democratic Socialists of NYC strategize their fight against Con Edison, New York City's electric utility. Before joining the Energy Democracy Alliance, Patrick worked for three years as Co-Director of Sane Energy Project, where he helped lead the successful fight to stop the Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas project from being built in the New York Harbor. He holds an MA in Climate Science and Policy from Columbia University, and has worked at the intersection of communications and climate change advocacy in positions ranging from Digital Organizer for (where he helped mobilize 5,000 people for the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy) to helping build an engagement platform for the Showtime “Years of Living Dangerously” TV series. He lives in Brooklyn, where he was born and raised.

April 11, 2024


The Electric Vehicle Developmental State

BYD exemplifies transformations in Chinese industrial policy

The rise of the Chinese EV industry has been enabled not only by generous government subsidies but also by profound changes in strategy and organization, and in particular by a distinctive revival of vertical integration—at both individual firm and national…

November 7, 2019


Collective Ownership in the Green New Deal

What rural electrification can teach us about a just transition

This year, we once again shattered the record for atmospheric carbon concentration, and witnessed a series of devastating setbacks in US climate policy—from attempts to waive state protections against pipelines to wholesale attacks on climate science.