Jewellord T. Nem Singh is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center and the Principal Investigator of a five-year research programme funded by the European Research Council (ERC) entitled Green Industrial Policy in the Age of Rare Metals (GRIP-ARM). He is the author of Business of the State: Why State Ownership Matters for Resource Governance (Oxford University Press). He can be followed on Twitter here.

July 11, 2024


Strategic Interdependence

Supply chains and the US-China rivalry

Geopolitical rivalry and strategic competition are now common parlance in describing international politics and global business. Yet, a large part of misconception stems from a severe lack of understanding about the degree of interdependencies and healthy competition permeating important supply…

November 30, 2023


Industrial Experiments

Variants of industrial policy in the global South

The turn of the twenty-first century brought a reassessment of development economics. The global commodity boom of the 2000s ushered in windfall profits for resource-rich countries in the global South, and with them came new agendas for growth. In 2002,…

June 29, 2022


Geographies in Transition

Mining-based development and the EU's critical raw materials strategy

Though it failed to resolve a number of contentious issues, the COP26 meeting in Glasgow solidified a consensus around the need for a global transition towards clean energy. Implicated in this transition is the widescale adoption of renewables—we must build…